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  • Zebra WT6000 Wearable Computer

    Barcode Superstore are proud to present the WT6000 Android wearable computer for enterprise-class wearability.
  • Motorola SB1 Smart Badge

    With a task management application, uses can access task lists and supervisors can monitor task status all in real time.
  • Motorola WT41N0

    Motorola WT41N0 Wearable Terminal from Barcode Superstore at brilliantly competitive prices, with free delivery
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Wearable Computers & Wearable Barcode Computers

The modern retail environment is centred upon highly efficient levels of service, and the needs of the customer are of a premium importance to the owners of facilities throughout the world of retail. Answering the shopping queries of your customers is an integral area to excel in, and here at Barcode Superstore we are dedicated to helping you within this area through our highly useful range of wearable computers.

Wearable computers are an invaluable aid for a firm that is looking to deliver superior levels of customer assistance. The presence of one of these compact products not only helps to mark out your staff for easy identification, but the capabilities of wearable computers also allows a wealth of information to be accessed from anywhere with an store. The result of this is that customer queries relating to in store prices or inventories can be easily dealt with, and staff can consult their own work logs far more readily. The streamlined access to data that these computers provide also enables greater standards of error-proof operational efficiency to be attained in environments such as warehousing and packaging. These devices can be secured to a variety of convenient locations such as the wrist or the hip. This allows a worker to maintain the use of both their hands, thereby maintaining a more constant level of workflow punctuated by fewer disruptions.

Barcode Superstore provides a range of wearable computers and all are sold at highly competitive prices, with free delivery for products over £100. Please do not hesitate to call one of our trained representatives on 0845 269 6689, or send an email to us at to determine which of our products would be the best suited to you and your business needs. Alternatively, be sure to browse through the wealth of information and useful PDF guides that are contained within our Resource Centre.
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