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  • Opticon OPN1005

    Designed and rugged for batch processing applications in light industrial, retail, healthcare or warehousing.
  • Zebra MC2100 Mobile Computer

    The value choice for small to medium businesses who wish to implement barcoding solutions. The MC2100 offers more choice...
  • Datalogic Memor

    Small and slim the Memor provides excellent ergonomics for single-handed use with rugged construction.
  • Opticon H15

    Features 1D barcode scanner for a fast and accurate scanning. Bluetooth and WLAN interface enabled.
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Semi Rugged Handheld Computers & Semi Rugged Barcode Computers

Semi rugged handheld computers possess many of the benefits enjoyed by their rugged counterparts, but they conform to even more affordable budgets. Whilst they might not be as waterproof or dustproof as a fully rugged or ultra rugged model, they are still fully capable of surviving contact with these potentially awkward substances, as long as exposure is not too extreme or excessively prolonged. For many environments, this durability level is still more than sufficient, making semi rugged computers ideally suited to work in light industrial or warehousing sectors.

Here at Barcode Superstore, our range of semi rugged handheld computers are manufactured by Opticon, Datalogic and Motorola. These are some of the leading providers for semi rugged portable computers in the world, and their products target specific areas such as an ability to achieve efficient batch processing, accurate barcode scanning, asset management, ergonomic considerations (such as single handed use) and particular Bluetooth or WLAN requirements. Each of our handheld computers will be best suited to a different audience, and we are quite happy to offer any guidance you might need when choosing an ideal solution for your own business.

If you’re looking for a wide range of semi rugged handheld computers for use in a variety of circumstances, then look no further than the extensive range supplied here at Barcode Superstore. If you have any questions about our broad assortment of products, then feel free to call us on 0845 269 6689, or email our dedicated team at and we will be happy to provide you with any help or advice that you might need. Our website also incorporates a Resource Centre to provide our clients with more information about our stock and our services, so be sure to check out the guides and PDF articles contained therein.
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