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  • Zebra MC3190-Z Handheld RFID Reader

    The MC3190-Z is a rugged design and high-performance industrial handheld RFID reader for faster read rates.
  • Datalogic Falcon X3+

    2D and 3D barcode capturing terminal, a 3.5 inch display, full keyboard, ergonomic and rugged.
  • Datalogic Skorpio X3

    Equipped with the largest high-visibility colour graphic display (3.2 in) with touch screen in its class.
  • Datalogic Skorpio X3 Gun

    This rugged mobile reduces operator fatigue, resisting harsh environments, multiple drops and repetitive tumbles.
  • Motorola MC3190-G

    Rugged and ergonomic this offers advanced computing power, data capture capabilities and enhanced security.
  • Motorola MC3190-R

    Rugged and ergonomic this offers advanced computing power, data capture capabilities and enhanced security.
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Rugged Handheld Terminals & Rugged Handheld Barcode Terminals

Here at Barcode Superstore our rugged handheld terminals have been specifically chosen for their reliability and qualities of performance. Employee productivity can be drastically increased through the use of these devices, enabling information to be more efficiently accessed or processed on the move, and because of their robust nature they can be used either indoors or outdoors as required. Efficient data collection and management is vital to any functioning business model, and our handheld terminals are a highly convenient solution to achieve exemplary standards.

Rugged handheld terminals are built to last, and our selection has been chosen from a comprehensive list of market leaders including Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, Intermec, Opticon and Trimble. Whilst all offer the intrinsic benefits of a handheld terminal, such as reductions in labour costs and an increase in potential revenue, each of them is also designed to conform to different specifications, meaning that there is a model to suit any situation. With variations in build, wireless connectivity, data collection capabilities, ergonomics and security to name but a few areas, be sure to familiarise yourself with all of our differing products before you make your selection.

You can buy any rugged handheld terminals that you require from Barcode Superstore, and all of them are sold at brilliantly competitive prices. If you need any further information about any of our barcode scanning, labelling and printing devices, then please do not hesitate to call our specialist team on 0845 269 6689, or email us at sales@barcodesuperstore and we will be happy to provide you with any assistance. Our Resource Centre has also been compiled to supply you with a wealth of useful information, so be sure to read through our compilation of relevant articles and PDF guides.
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