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Honeywell Handheld Terminals & Barcode Scanners

Here at Barcode Superstore, we have been supplying high quality handheld terminals and barcode scanners for many years. Many of our handheld terminals are manufactured by Honeywell Scanning & Mobility; a premier supplier of quality data collection hardware, including bar code scanners and mobile computers, that is based on image or laser based date collection. Covering industries such as retail, healthcare, logistics and bulk transportation, all Honeywell products come in a broad range of varying models, and all enable customers to more effectively manage their assets using a reliably professional solution.

Honeywell handheld terminals are an ideal multi-purpose solution to make use of in any situation where information needs to be accessed on the move, or when barcodes need to be read or scanned. These highly convenient devices conform to a comfortable ergonomic form, and bridge the gap between an actual computer and a tablet; possessing the reduced size of the latter and the durability of the former. Honeywell handheld terminals are especially designed to resist natural wear and tear, so they are a worthwhile and long lasting investment to purchase for any workforce.

Our Honeywell handheld terminals are all tried and tested to ensure maximum performance, and at Barcode Superstore you can purchase these eminently useful items at our trademark competitive prices; ensuring you get the best products on the market at the best cost. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 269 6689, or email us at if you have any specific questions that relate to any of our handheld terminal products. You can also make use of our Resource Centre, which contains a range of useful information and PDF guides that are associated with our various barcode scanning, printing and labelling devices.
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