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  • Opticon PX20

    Pre-order Now for delivery Mid November 2013. Pricing to be announced. Call Sales on 0845 269 6689 for more information.
  • Opticon OPN2002

    Bluetooth pocket memory scanner, data can be transmitted by wireless interface. Stores more than 25000 barcodes.
  • Opticon OPN2001

    Small and lightweight device is equipped with a memory that can store more than 15000 barcodes.
  • Motorola CS3000

    The Motorola CS3000 offers easily implement 1D laser scanning, affordably priced and fits in a pocket or on a lanyard.
  • Opticon PX35

    Pocket-sized data collector with a Bluetooth interface and a 2D scan engine with auto-focus.
  • Opticon OPL9724

    The small and lightweight Bluetooth data collector and collects your information at an impressive 100 scans per second.
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Data Collectors, Barcode Data Collectors & Motorola Data Collectors

We provide a range of data collectors, barcode data collectors and Motorola data collectors. The majority of these devices have Bluetooth installed, so that any data collected can easily be transferred wirelessly. Any devices that do not have Bluetooth will have USB ports so that connection to a laptop, desktop pc or printer can be achieved simply and quickly.

The devices, whether they are one of our data collectors, barcode data collectors or Motorola data collectors, have a range of benefits. The Opticon PX35 and PX35+ both have 2mb of storage built into the device so that you can complete a full day of work without having to transfer any data. The Motorola CS3070 can transmit real time barcode data to your hosting application and the Opticon OPL9728 is a data collector that has an LCD screen and function keys for easy data entry. So no matter what your business needs may be, we are sure to have a device to suit you.

If you have any questions regarding our data collectors, barcode data collectors, Motorola data collectors or any of our other products then please feel free to contact us. You can call us on 0845 269 6689 or email us at
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