Wearable Barcode Scanners deliver warehouse productivity | Barcodesuperstore

How much can productivity be improved in your business with hands-free scanners? You may not realise, but carrying and using scanners/mobile computers in the warehouse can be cumbersome and slow.  Holding the scanner in one hand, whilst moving products and materials is difficult and often requires putting down and picking up your device. There are more efficient ways to scan barcodes in/out and conduct stock audits.  Wearable barcoding solutions have made a big impact in the last few months, with … Continue reading

5 things to consider before using your scanphone for barcoding

As employees or private individuals, the advent of barcode scanning for smartphones may have passed you by as yet another android app.  But, for businesses the emergence of barcoding on consumer devices has opened up many new possibilities, often allowing small businesses to bring the power of barcoding to their organisation. For businesses who may not have considered barcoding or been put off by the investment and technological commitment, barcoding via smartphones allows them to take their first steps towards … Continue reading

Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer – Revolutionary design drives efficiency in warehouse operations.

The Zebra TC8000 enterprise mobile computer, looks like nothing that has gone before.  The landmark innovation in warehousing technology, looks stunning, and delivers significant gains in productivity for your warehouse team. The ergonomic, lightweight TC8000 mobile computer offers an innovative design that reduces effort by eliminating the need for “tilt and verify” motions warehouse staff repeatedly conduct with traditional devices. Shaving seconds off each repetitive motion saves one hour per worker per shift – increasing productivity by an average of 14 percent based … Continue reading

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