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2D Cordless Scanners & 2D Cordless Barcode Scanners

The revolutionary 2D cordless scanners we have here at Barcode Superstore redefine the standard for hand-held scanning devices. Providing high quality area imaging services, the products facilitate industry-leading performances for any organisation using them.

Any users of the 2D cordless scanners are able to manoeuvre around a larger area of space as the products’ design eliminates the cord restriction. The innovative cordless feature is replaced by the Bluetooth wireless connectivity that allows the scanners to communicate with other devices at a faster pace and more developed manner.

Bluetooth connectivity is not the only impressive characteristic of the 2D cordless barcode scanners, some of the equipment can also scan sheets with multiple barcodes as they have a 4-Dot aimer. Our cordless scanners are multi-functional as since they can recognise several data codes, including 1D, 2D, postal codes and PDF417 codes. The lightweight of the cordless scanners make them very comfortable equipment to use while working in a very demanding environment, to help increase productivity. The aggressive imager on some of the products also facilitates increased work rate as it allows faster barcode scanning, even on poorly showing barcodes.

Cordless scanners are cost efficient products as they are designed to last long periods with some of the products shatter proof even at a fall of as high as 1.5m onto concreted ground.
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